The Importance of Customer Data in A Successful E-Commerce Business

Managing customer data can be an overwhelming process as you begin to build your business. However, using customer data to build a successful business holds a high importance as it can be used to segment your customer base for marketing purposes, understand your customer’s behaviours, retain customers, build loyalty and more.

A customer data platform (CDP) can help to excel your business in all areas.

CDP in Ecommerce

Using an Ecommerce CDP can boost the customer experience in many ways. Looking for the right CDP is the first step. Here you should look for a CDP with attributes such as:

  • Automations that integrate data with communication platforms including social media, emails and SMS marketing.

  • Multi-platform tracking so that you can gather data from both online platforms and in-person shopping.

  • Broad level analysis so that you can maintain an oversight of product performance and following reports to improve the customer experience and product selection.

Benefits of CDP in Ecommerce

The benefits of using a CDP in e-commerce is seemingly limitless. Here are just a few ways that a CDP can improve your business:

  1. All customer data becomes centralized. This provides the opportunity for all teams across the board to improve the customer experience. For example, the marketing team can issue email campaigns specific to each customer group and the customer care team can access up to date information when resolving an issue.

  2. Speaking of customer experience, using CDPs in an ecommerce business can help to create a unique experience for customer. With CDPs you have privy to first-hand data with which to create personalized experiences that can build customer engagement and loyal customers.

  3. You can maintain high customer satisfaction by using a real time response method. With CDPs you can create customized solutions and respond in real-time which can help to minimise issues.

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